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CliniClue Xplore Freeware Licence


CliniClue® Xplore is licensed for use subject to acceptance 'as is' and without any warranty or liability. It is a condition of use of this beta-test that issues are reported by the agreed date to enable to full release of the next release of CliniClue®.

No liability whatsoever is accepted for any damage or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by use of this software. If you do not accept these conditions you must not install the software.
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Limitation of Liability

  • The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd is unable to control the way in which CliniClue may be used in an application.
  • The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd is not responsible for the content of SNOMED Clinical Terms.
  • The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd is making this software freely available on the basis that is accepted as found and that the user or integrator checks the fitness for purpose prior to use.
  • The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd will from time to time make software updates available. However, no obligation is accepted to provide any support level agreement to free license holders.
    • The Clinical Information Consultancy will be happy to discuss commercial terms for such support if this is required.

CliniClue® Conditions of Use

Note: All references to CliniClue® in this document refer to the standard freeware releases of CliniClue Xplore and, unless explicitly stated in other licences issued by The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd, these conditions also the previous and subsequent versions of this software and to any add-ons to this software provided as freeware.

The Clinical Information Consultancy grants a non-exclusive license to use the CliniClue software subject to the following conditions.

  1. The user shall acknowledge that the Clinical Information Consultancy owns the Copyright and all associated intellectual and industrial property rights relating to the software and proprietary indexing structures except to the extent that the software includes identifiably separate royalty-free components originating from Microsoft Visual Basic™.
  2. The user shall not tamper with the software nor may they attempt to amend or suppress this notice or any notices displayed on loading, unloading and on clicking the "Help About" menu option shall not be removed or tampered with.
  3. The user shall not, without the consent of CIC, charge or permit any third party to charge for copies of the software supplied without the prior written agreement of CIC. Such permission will generally be granted only where the charge made is entirely attributable to media and distribution costs. Any charges made in breach of this condition shall, upon detection, be paid in full to the Clinical Information Consultancy together with accrued interest since the charges were levied.
  4. The Clinical Information Consultancy does not warrant that CliniClue is fit for any particular clinical or commercial purpose and accepts no liability for any direct or consequential damage caused by or alleged to have been caused by use or misuse of CliniClue software or data files distributed with CliniClue.
  5. Prior to obtaining a license organizations should use the demonstration to satisfy themselves that CliniClue meets their needs. On receipt of initial and updated copies of CliniClue, license holders should confirm that the product received continues to meet their needs and is compatible with the client software with which it will be used or distributed.
  6. The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd makes every endeavour to ensure that the software is safe, reliable and fit for purpose. However, it shall be a condition of use that the status of the software as "Freeware" is recognized to exclude any liability for faults or consequential damage.
  7. Use of SNOMED Clinical Terms in this application is restricted to licensed SNOMED CT users and is governed by the licensing terms applied by the International Healthcare Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO). The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd does not accept responsibility for any non-compliance with such regulations whether or not such a breach was a consequence of the use of installation of CliniClue.
  8. The files containing SNOMED Clinical Terms shall not be distributed to or shared with any party who does not hold a licence for the use of SNOMED Clinical Terms.
  9. The software may be copied and supplied to other parties for any use or for further distribution provided that all those in receipt of such copies are made aware of the conditions above. However, it is a condition of the license that the distributor shall not redistribute the software in any way that breaches the copyright or licensing of SNOMED Clinical Terms. Any redistributed software copy shall prominently display a notice of the copyright of the Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd and shall be installed using the installation routines supplied by The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd.
  10. The licensee shall not attempt to decompile or reverse engineer the software provided nor shall the licensee seek to determine, reproduce or cause to be distributed any information pertaining to the file structures or other technical resources distributed as part of this software.

Additional information

SNOMED Clinical Terms® licenses

SNOMED CT® is a copyright work of the International Healthcare Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO®).

  • When using CliniClue to view SNOMED CT data you do so in accordance with the licensing conditions of the International Healthcare Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO).
  • Members of the general public who do not hold a license with the IHTSDO may use CliniClue to review or demonstrate the freely supplied ClueData Download of the International Edition of SNOMED CT provided that you do not attempt to extract any substantial portion of SNOMED CT and do not use the data for any purpose other than review and demonstration. This provision of SNOMED CT data is made under clause 2.2.4 of the Affiliate Licence. A condition of using this freely provided data is that the Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd shall not be held liable for any damage caused by use of the data or the freely distributed CliniClue software.
  • Organisation within the UK National Health Service have secondary licenses as issued by the NHS, In other jurisdictions with National licenses the details of secondary licenses should be confirmed with the relevant authority.

SNOMED CT ClueData file expiry dates

SNOMED Clinical Terms files for use with CliniClue are time-locked with an expiry date with an expiry date.

  • ClueData expiry is not related to your licence to use CliniClue but is set to comply with SNOMED CT updating and licensing policies.
    • You need to obtain an updated release of SNOMED CT data in ClueData format from ClueData download.
    • The data expiry lock cannot be opened by re-registering CliniClue - it is indelibly imprinted on the data file.
  • You can check the expiry date of the data you are using with the Help / About Coding System menu option.
  • You should also see a warning message each time you open CliniClue during the last 15 days before expiry.
  • If you wish to refer to an expired version of SNOMED CT this is possible
    • When an up-to-date version is installed you can also access time expired files on your system (note this is only true for CliniClue not for earlier versions of the CLUE Browser)

You can obtain a copy of the SNOMED CT International Edition in ClueData format from the ClueData download page. If you require a National Member Edition of SNOMED CT which is not available from our download page, please contact you IHTSDO National Member. If you require ClueData for a customised Edition of SNOMED CT please contact us for a quotation for preparing this for you.

Support and Training

CliniClue software is free for use but please note we do not provide free support
The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd does not provide free support for the SNOMED Clinical Terms or the CliniClue Browser. For support details please see

If you detect possible errors in CliniClue, we would be pleased to hear about them. For those without support contracts, we accept error reports via our contact form.

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