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from The Clinical Information Consultancy

Features of CliniClue Xplore

  • Familiar resizable multi-frame CliniClue user interface
    • Faster searches - With long lists of matches CliniClue Xplore is typically even faster than earlier versions of CliniClue.
    • Option for user interface translation
      • CliniClue user-interface translation tools are part of CliniClue Xtend
      • User-interface
      • This feature has been demonstrated in French by Canada Health Infoway. The Canadian French user-interface is included in the CliniClue Xplore setup file as an example.
  • Fully updated help file
  • CliniClue data files
    • Built-in online update to seamlessly download and install data for new SNOMED CT releases
    • New extensible data structure
    • National Extensions and Language translations can be added to the International Edition (previous versions required a separates build each of which included all International content)
    • Option for organisations to build ClueData for their own Extensions as part of CliniClue Xtend
      • Allows a licenced organisation to update their own ClueData Extension and provide this to relevant users.
      • Note: The build facility is not freeware - but the results of the build can be viewed in the CliniClue Xplore freeware browser.
  • Subsets and Refsets
    • Specialised support for small subsets/refsets
      • Current versions of CliniClue are fine with large Subsets but inefficient with small subsets
    • No limit on number of built-in subsets/refsets
      • Current versions of CliniClue limit the number of subsets of each type. This limit is removed by the new extensible file structure.
    • Optional customisations as part of CliniClue Xtra
      • Support for additional Refset types
      • Ability to build ClueData including local Refsets
  • Expressions and post-coordination
    • More complete support for post-coordination, using machine-readable constraints rather than relying on defining and qualifying relationships
    • Options for expression refinement using configurable constraints as part of CliniClue Xtra
      • Note: The constraint editor is not freeware - but constraints can be applied to the freeware browser.