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from The Clinical Information Consultancy

Background to CliniClue Xplore

CliniClue is a standalone freeware browser for SNOMED Clinical Terms. It was developed by The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd(CIC) from earlier CLUE Browsers for the NHS Read Codes (including NHS Clinical Terms Version 3). In 2002 CLUE-5 was the first freely available browser for SNOMED Clinical Terms and was replaced by CliniClue 2006. The last software update for CliniClue 2006 was released in February 2007.

With the advent of the IHTSDO, CIC recognised the need to develop a more flexible data structure, to enable national extensions and local flexibility to be added to functionality of the browser. As CliniClue is freeware, its development fits alongside our fee-earning work providing SNOMED CT training courses and supporting a variety of projects related to Implementation of SNOMED CT. This has resulted in a longer period of development than we planned. However, those experiences have also informed development and, as a result, the release of CliniClue Xplore will open a range of options for customised enhancements.

Over 3,500 people in more than 50 countries have registed to use CliniClue since 2003. Registrations in the last two years indicate over 2,600 active registered users. The enthusiastic comments and constructive suggestions from many CliniClue users have been a major motivation behind the decision to continue development.

CIC has been particularly pleased to work with clients to provide customised extensions. Earlier this year, a beta release of CliniClue Xplore (alias CliniClue 2009) was customised to enable Canada Health Infoway to demonstrate the results of its French translation project to a wider group or reviewers. We acknowledge the valuable input from Infoway, its staff and agents in specifying these requirements. The results of this development will be of value to all IHTSDO Members and to other organisations interested in wider disseminations of extension content for review or use.