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SNOMED CT International Release 2014-01-31

This release is now available for download in ClueData format.

CliniClue Xplore is no longer supported except by the provision of the ClueData for International Releases.
See information about other SNOMED CT Browsers at

CliniClue Change Notice

Following the appointment of David Markwell (author of CliniClue) as Chief Implementation and Innovation Officer at the IHTSDO the status of CliniClue has changed ...

Build Extension release files into ClueData using Xtend

CliniClue® Xtend provides licensed organisations with documentation the ability to build ClueData for their extensions. This requires valid RF1 versions of the all the release files for the Extension. Read more ...

Get more out of CliniClue® with Xploit

CliniClue® Xploit provides licensed organisations with documentation and examples, training and support to allow effective use of the CliniClue Xplore API. Build your own functional add-ons to allow Windows software (including Excel, Access and Word) to include integrated SNOMED CT aware functions. Read more ...