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CliniClue Software

CliniClue® Downloads and installation instructions

  • Enhancements and fixes in the 2012-08-27 version
    • Fixes issue with missing mapping database reporting.
    • Corrections refinement management in expression frame transforms.
  • Enhancements and fixes in the 2012-04-21 version
    • Corrections to situation management in expression frame transforms
    • Direct link from Browser window to Expression Transformer (Tools menu) with pass through of expressions
    • Improvements to Expression Transformer display options and comparisons (see View menu in Expression Transformer)
  • Enhancements and fixes in the 2010-08-26 version
    • "File"/"Recent Editions" menu allows easier changes to between SNOMED CT Editions.
    • Corrections to Refinement and Expression frames ...
      • Issues that causes hanging when displaying some expressions has been fixed.
      • Issue that caused erroneous display after switching Editions has been fixed.
    • More right-click copy and paste options
      • Includes support for IHTSDO DITA XML pasting from the Search, Hierachy, Detail and Expression frames.
    • Progress bar when loading and when switching between Editions.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes in the 2010-08-23 version
    • Modification of header checking to support CliniClue Xplore data files released in 2009.
      • Over zealous header checks in 2010-08-16 version rejected some valid Xplore ClueData files.
    • New trouble-shooting menu option - automatically produces a comprehensive logfile
      • (Menu location: Start/All Programs/CliniClue Xplore/Support/CliniClue Diagnostic Report)
  • Minor enhancements and fixes in the 2010-08-16 version
    • Option for to "Add Browser Window" in Tools menu.
    • Ability to find Concept and Description by their identifiers in Search View.
    • Source concept for CrossMaps appears as part of list in CrossMap View.
    • Correction to some situation refinement constraints and defaults in the Refine and Expression Views.
  • Several Major Enhancements in the 2010-08-06 release:
    • Refine View
      • Now allows situation and context refinement
      • Allows selection of different levels from a minimal view of the most frequent refinement options to all permitted refinements
      • Uses updated constraints that match the July 2010 Concept Model (as specified in the IHTSDO SNOMED CT User Guide)
      • Links more closely with the Expression View
    • Expression View
      • New options to specify the parts of the expression to be shown (complete, focus or selection)
      • Corrections to normal form generation
      • Faster normal form generation (NOTE: First use of this facility with a new SNOMED CT data release may pause for a minute or two while the necessary cache data is created)
    • Search View
      • Corrected bug in searches for pairs of words with common stems (e.g. "pneumococcal pneumonia").
    • Hierarchy View
      • Corrected bug that caused hanging or crashes is some situations.
    • Mapping View

Presentation on CliniClue Xplore Setup

Registration and Validation

ClueData files

Additional Resources

  • Additional CliniClue and SNOMED CT resources
  • Download
    • NOTE we do NOT provide and support for the CliniClue Xploit API package. It is offered as is for those familiar with COM/Active-X interfaces and/or Microsoft VBA to use to automate interactions with CliniClue Xplore and the underlying CliniClue ClueData server.
    • The samples are presented as VBA with 3 demonstration Microsoft Excel workbooks.
      • All the samples are available in two version one for Excel 2003 and the other for Excel 2007 and 2010.
      • Similar VBA code can be used in Microsoft Word, Access and Powerpoint and several of the modules and classes can be simply copied to those other environments. However, components that read from or write to spreadsheet cells will need to be replaced.
    • The API documentation is in the "CliniClueXploitApi.chm" file.
      • There is also a separate html file dealing with common issues with running the chm file.
      • There is also a separate html file about adding and updating references from the VBA macros to the CliniClue API.
    • NOTE cannot provide further advice or support for the CliniClue Xploit API package.

CliniClue Source Code

As from 31st October 2012, CliniClue Source Code is available as open source to IHTSDO Affiliates and IHTSDO Members. A condition of supply is acceptance of the source code as is without any warrantee and with absolutely no support. You will need to complete a signed request form confirming your status as an IHTSDO Affiliate or IHTSDO Member and accepting the conditions under which the code is supplied.

To submit a request for the source code please go to the Contact page. Select the "Source Code Request" option add a subject and short description of you reason for making the request and send the form. You will usually receive the formal request for for completion and signature within seven days. The source code will be dispatched in zip file usually within seven days of receipt of the completed and signed request form.

Note: Only those who are confident that they have the knowledge, skills and a licensed copy of Microsoft Visual Basis 6 should apply for the source code.

Requests for source code support will be ignored as CIC Ltd is no longer trading and has no staff available to respond.

® CliniClue is a Registered Trademark of The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd