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from The Clinical Information Consultancy


CliniClue® Xplore is the latest version of the CliniClue freeware browser for SNOMED Clinical Terms®.

Developed by The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd, CliniClue® Xplore builds on our experience as the providers of CliniClue 2006 (and before that CLUE-5). It is based on an fast and efficient terminology server which adds extensibility and greater flexibility to previous versions.

CliniClue Xplore:The freeware browser
CliniClue Xtend:Content and language extensibility for IHTSDO Members and Affiliates
CliniClue Xploit:API documentation and support for add-on developers

More about CliniClue

CliniClue is a Registered Trademark of the The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd.
SNOMED CT is a Registered Trademark of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO)