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from The Clinical Information Consultancy

Changes to ClueData availability for SNOMED CT Extensions

In the past, CIC Ltd has provided some Extensions in ClueData format to demonstrate the capabilities of CliniClue Xplore. The growth of the SNOMED CT community and the increase in the number and size of Extensions this is no longer a scalable solution. Therefore, while CIC Ltd will continue to provide CliniClue Xplore software and the International Release ClueData free of charge new arrangements now apply to availability of ClueData for Extensions.

Extension Developers

In December 2009 CIC Ltd released CliniClue Xtend to enable any Extension developer to offer access to their content through CliniClue Xplore. In the interests of fairness and trasparency, the same CliniClue Xtend licensing approach now applies all Extension originators (whether they are IHTSDO Members or Affiliates). Extensions created by organisations that do not hold CliniClue Xtend licenses will no longer be freely available in ClueData format.

We are delighted that several IHTSDO Members and Affiliates now have CliniClue Xtend licenses. They are now in a position to freely distribute their own Extensions in a form that is fully accessible through CliniClue Xplore.

Due to changes in CIC Ltd CliniClue Xtend will be available free of charge from early 2012. Please monitor for an announcement of availablility. Please CIC Ltd will not be able to provide training and support. However, full documentation will be available as part of the free package.

End Users

Ask your Extension provider to provide the ClueData files for their Extension. They will be able to obtain CliniClue Xtend free of charge from early 2012 to allow them to do this. Alternatively, use CliniClue Xtend yourself to build the Extension.

PLEASE NOTE: CIC Ltd are no longer able to provide support for CliniClue Xtend or other CliniClue products see Advice may be available from other users and we encourage the formation of a self-help netword of users.