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Clue Data for CliniClue Xplore

Note: The ClueData on this page is only for CliniClue Xplore. To access this data download and install CliniClue Xplore. ClueData for older versions such as CliniClue 2006 is no longer available.

SNOMED CT International Edition in ClueData for CliniClue Xplore

Note: Use of these downloads is subject to the IHTSDO Licence for SNOMED Clinical Terms®

Downloading ClueData for CliniClue Xplore

After installing CliniClue Xplore, users are advised to use the Online Update service to download ClueData and other updates. This automatically downloads and installs the data in the required location.

On some systems security settings may prevent 'Online Update' from working correctly. If the 'Online Update' service does not work on your system, please download the required ClueData files using the following link(s). If clicking a links does not start the download, right-click and select 'Save Target As ...' from the drop-down menu.

When the required downloads are complete, use the 'Import Update File' option in in the 'All Programs' / 'CliniClue Xplore' menu.

SNOMED CT International Release ClueData files

SNOMED CT Extensions Release ClueData files

Those responsible for this web site continue to build and distribute the ClueData files for the SNOMED CT International release on a six-monthly basis. However, since the change in support status for CliniClue it is not longer possible to obtain ClueData for Extensions from this site.

The good news is you can now obtain a free copy of the software used to build ClueData for extensions CliniClue Xtend. Unfortunately, there is no one available answer your support requests ... and sadly also CliniClue Xtend can only build ClueData and Cross Maps for Extensions available in (or converted to) the old Release Format 1 distribution files. However, there are several organizations using CliniClue Xtend to build and distribute ClueData files (and the CrossMap database used by CliniClue) for there extensions. Therefore, you may be able to obtain the ClueData files from the National body or Affiliate organization that produces the Extension. You can also build the files yourself using CliniClue Xtend for any extension you build or use.

The correct International Edition release ClueData is requred for ALL Editions. Extensions must be installed in the same ClueData folder as the International Edition. Use the 'Import Update File' option to import the downloaded files correctly.

ClueData for other Releases

Several IHTSDO Members and IHTSDO Affiliates now have CliniClue Xtend and build their own ClueData. In some cases they make these files available independently. The following links are provided to some of the sites that contain this data. CIC Ltd is not responsible for the content on these linked sites:

Organizations that produce Extensions can now produce their own extension ClueData files using CliniClue Xtend, which builds ClueData files for Extension data from RF1 release files. See ( Note this is freely available but no support can be provided for its use.

Note that IHTSDO and IHTSDO Member licensing conditions apply to the content of the data on this page. Follow this link for more information.