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from The Clinical Information Consultancy

ClueData Download

The link below allows you to download the International Edition of SNOMED CT in ClueData format. This is the data format required to view SNOMED CT using the CliniClue Xplore.

  • Note: Earlier versions including CliniClue 2006 and CLUE-5 are no longer supported. If you have not yet installed the freeware version of CliniClue Xplore click here.

The data files and instructions on this page are provided "AS IS" and subject to the licensing rules of the International Healthcare Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO) who hold all intellectual property rights to SNOMED Clinical Terms.

The Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd as an IHTSDO Affiliate Licensee makes this representation of the International Release available to the general public at no charge for use in its browsers. Use of this data is on the condition that users of those systems do not attempt to extract any substantial portion of SNOMED CT. This provision of SNOMED CT data is made under clause 2.2.4 of the IHTSDO Affiliate Licence. Unless otherwise licensed directly by the IHTSDO or by a National Member of the IHTSDO this data shall not be used in any other way and in particular shall not be incorporated in any clinical record or derivative product. Organisations that are separately licensed as SNOMED CT Affiliates or End-Users by a relevant National IHTSDO Member organisation may use this data for any purpose permitted by that licence. In all cases, use requires acceptance of the general terms and conditions of the CliniClue Freeware Licence. In particular, note that a condition of using this freely provided data is that the Clinical Information Consultancy Ltd shall not be held liable for any damage caused by use of the data or the freely distributed CliniClue software.

  • If you accept these conditions
  • When you click the above link, acknowledging your acceptance of these conditions, you will see a page containing links for specific ClueData downloads.

For additional information on use of SNOMED CT in IHTSDO Member countries click here.

The future availability of Extensions in ClueData format will depend on either:

  • The originator of the Extension having a CliniClue Xtend licence allowing them to produce ClueData; or
  • An enhanced (non-freeware) version of CliniClue Xplore that includes access to additional Extensions not sponsored by their originating organisation.

For more information click here.