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from The Clinical Information Consultancy

CliniClue Xtend

See your SNOMED CT® Extensions in CliniClue®

NOTE Please see CliniClue Change Notice

CliniClue® Xtend is designed to meet the needs of organisations wishing to offer access to their Extension data using CliniClue® Xplore.

CliniClue® Xtend can import the following types of SNOMED CT® Extension data into the ClueData2009 format used by the CliniClue® Xplore freeware browser.

  • Language Translations
  • Concepts, Descriptions & Relationships
  • Subsets and Reference Sets
  • Alternative Navigation Hierarchies

The ClueData files can be shared with CliniClue® Xplore freeware users (subject to IHTSDO and IHTSDO Member licences).

CliniClue® Xtend also allows translation of the CliniClue® Xplore user-interface to meet the needs of your users.

View the on-line CliniClue Xtend help file (draft)

CliniClue Xtend is now available as a freeware download.

  • CliniClue Xtend setup (2012-12-21)
    • Fixes issue with Map database build. However, complete fix requires that those using these maps update their version of CliniClue Xplore to 2012-08-27 version (or later)
    • We are unable to provide any support for use of this software other than the help file provided as part of the setup
    • You must install CliniClue Xtend “As administrator”
      • Right-click on the setup file after downloading and select this option
    • CliniClue Xtend will NOT work with a temporary validation key you must have a current CliniClue validation key. If you do not have one please register.
    • As noted in the help file installed with the software
      • CliniClue Xtend requires an installed and licensed version of Microsoft Access (2003 or later)
      • CliniClue Xtend requires you to create a folder "CicFactory" with subfolders "source", "db" and "cluedata
    • CliniClue Xtend requires the latest version of CliniClue Xplore to be installed as it uses some CliniClue Xplore libraries which may change between versions.

CliniClue Xplore:The freeware browser
CliniClue Xtend:Content and language extensibility for IHTSDO Members and Affiliates
CliniClue Xploit:API documentation and support for add-on developers