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CliniClue Xplore

CliniClue Xplore is the latest version of the popular freeware browser for SNOMED Clinical Terms®. First released at the end of 2009 it is now well-established as significant enhancement for those interested in exploring SNOMED CT. Although this browser continues to be used by many people it is no longer supported or developed.

It can still be used with ClueData for the latest International Release of SNOMED CT but you may also want to consider looking at SNOMED CT using one of the online browsers listed as

To get started download the setup file from CliniClue Xplore downloads.

If you have already installed CliniClue Xplore be sure to look out for updates either in the built in CliniClue Online Update or on this website.

Please upgrade to CliniClue Xplore now. From April this year we will no longer make the old style ClueData available. This means CliniClue 2006 and CLUE-5 browsers will be unable to work with future releases of SNOMED CT. To continue to benefit from the CliniClue freeware, download and install the latest version of CliniClue Xplore now.

Updating CliniClue and ClueData

Users also need ClueData files that represent SNOMED CT content in a form that CliniClue Xplore can access. New versions of these files are needed because the format has been changed - to make it extensible. This change allows ClueData for National and Local Extensions (including Language translations) to be built locally and plugged into a shared ClueData file representing the SNOMED CT International Edition.

CliniClue Xplore makes updating easier by including an 'Online Update' program that automates the download and installation of selected updates. This makes it even easier to keep CliniClue software and the ClueData files it uses fully uptodate. Some users may find that computer security settings block this program. Therefore, we are also continuing to post the most important files for download using a web-browser. (see ClueData downloads).

Help file

A detailed help file is included in the installation file. You can also view a web based version of the CliniClue Xplore help file online.

Presentation material

CliniClue series 'X'

All member of the new CliniClue product range have been given names that start with the letter X representing the Roman number for the new decade:

CliniClue Xplore:The freeware browser
CliniClue Xtend:Content and language extensibility for IHTSDO Members and Affiliates
CliniClue Xploit:API documentation and support for add-on developers

The new name signifies the new decade but we also recognise the 'Xtensive' efforts of many beta testers during 2009. CliniClue Xplore is a result of a great deal of feedback from those testers and others. Thanks to all of you!

Features of CliniClue Xplore
Background to CliniClue Xplore