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from The Clinical Information Consultancy

CliniClue Xploit

NOTE Please see CliniClue Change Notice

CliniClue Xploit is a package aimed at anyone wishing to produce their own customised add-ons that exploit the SNOMED CT terminology server at the heart of CliniClue Xplore.

CliniClue has a COM/Active-X API. It can be accessed with ease from macros in Microsoft Office® applications including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access. It can also be access by other applications by using a COM wrapper. A simplified subset of the API is also accessible using a simple XML mediated API.

CliniClue Xploit Product Information

CliniClue Xploit is now available free of charge but with NO support.

Before using CliniClue Xploit this you (or your company) MUST register as an IHTSDO Affiliate (see ). You should be aware that outside IHTSDO Member countries use of SNOMED CT in Data Creation and Data Analysis systems (including an EHR) requires a fee to be paid to the IHTSDO. Details of this are available on the IHTSDO web site as well as in the Affiliate registration site (see ).

For further information about SNOMED CT please contact

PLEASE NOTE: CIC Ltd are no longer able to provide support for CliniClue Xploit or other CliniClue products see Advice may be available from other users and we encourage the formation of a self-help netword of users.

  • Download
    • NOTE we do NOT provide and support for the CliniClue Xploit API package. It is offered as is for those familiar with COM/Active-X interfaces and/or Microsoft VBA to use to automate interactions with CliniClue Xplore and the underlying CliniClue ClueData server.
    • The samples are presented as VBA with 3 demonstration Microsoft Excel workbooks.
      • All the samples are available in two version one for Excel 2003 and the other for Excel 2007 and 2010.
      • Similar VBA code can be used in Microsoft Word, Access and Powerpoint and several of the modules and classes can be simply copied to those other environments. However, components that read from or write to spreadsheet cells will need to be replaced.
    • The API documentation is in the "CliniClueXploitApi.chm" file.
      • There is also a separate html file dealing with common issues with running the chm file.
      • There is also a separate html file about adding and updating references from the VBA macros to the CliniClue API.
    • NOTE cannot provide further advice or support for the CliniClue Xploit API package.


Hyperlinked documentation of the APIs for the following CliniClue software components.

  • CliniClue Xplore Browser API
    • Specify searches and constraints
    • Access information selected in the browser
    • Add toolbar buttons to pass data to your program
  • CliniClue Server API
    • Programmatic access to concepts, descriptions and relationships
    • Programmatic search by text with constraints
      • Returns collections of matching components
    • Accesses SNOMED CT expressions and constraints
      • As XML representations
      • As SNOMED CT Compositional Grammar
      • As rendered text using an integrated extensible XSLT library
  • CliniClue Utility API
    • A range of additional utility classes used by CliniClue Xplore

Starter kit

Including ...

  • Notes on how to address common tasks
  • Example add-ons that demonstrate key aspects of the API

CliniClue Xploit Availability

Due to changing circumstances CIC Ltd are no longer marketting or providing support and training for CliniClue add-ons. However, an unsupported free version is available using the following link Download

Microsoft Office, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Access are registered trademarks of Microsoft Inc
SNOMED CT is a registered trademark of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation