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from The Clinical Information Consultancy

CliniClue Change Notice

Following the appointment of David Markwell (the author of CliniClue) as Chief Implementation and Innovation Officer at the IHTSDO the status of CliniClue will change:

  • CliniClue Xplore will continue to be freely available (current setup file).
  • Licensing arrangements for CliniClue Xplore and other CliniClue software will be revised before the end of 2012. These changes will make it easier for other developers to enhance, support and otherwise exploit aspects of the CliniClue design. The changes will include an Open Source donation and details of this will be announced on this web page when available.
  • ClueData for CliniClue Xplore will continue to be provided for the International Edition for the forseeable future (current ClueData files). However, it will be limited to Release Format 1 data and will depend on the conversion tool (RF2 to RF1) provided by the IHTSDO.
  • ClueData for other Editions may be produced by CliniClue Xtend users (see below).
  • Existing licensees for CliniClue Xtend and Xploit - will be supported for the duration of their current licenses.
  • No new licenses will be issued for add-on products (Xtend and Xploit). However, the services provided by them may become freely available in future as part of the Open Source donation referred to above.
  • No other services or support will be offered by CIC Ltd as the company will no longer be taking on any new business. However, we encourage third-parties or self-help groups to develop if there is a willingness and demand for this in the community.
  • More details of these arrangements will be added to this web page when relevant.